Bladder Cancer

Cancer of the urinary bladder is a relatively common urological cancer forming a significant part of urological cancer care at this practice. This encompasses evaluation for urothelial bladder cancer or Transitional Cell Carcinoma (TCC), as well as less common tumour types, particularly in patients with urinary bleeding (haematuria), and includes assessment with consultation, pathological testing, modern imaging, and telescopic evaluation of the urinary bladder.

It also involves specific aspects of bladder cancer treatment, including telescopic tumour removal (TUR BT) and delivery of chemotherapy and immunotherapy (BCG) drugs placed in the bladder for cancer treatment. It can also require major pelvic cancer surgery (cystectomy). This often involves detailed consideration of the patient’s sexual function and options for urinary diversion. It also involves multi-disciplinary, co-ordinated care with other cancer care specialists, sometimes involving chemotherapy or radiation therapy specialists.

Roger Watson subspecialises within this area. All of the specific treatment options are offered, based on what is most as appropriate to individuals. Our practice is also involved in clinical research in bladder cancer management.